Bakkies In South Africa

Bakkies are arguably one of the most popular types of motor vehicles in South Africa. Bakkies in South Africa come in a wide range of assorted shapes and sizes, with many different types of capabilities. The reason that bakkies are so popular in South Africa is because there are many different reasons why they would be needed. There are lots of farms and dirt roads and nature reserves in South Africa, and driving on these types of terrains is easier in a bakkie. Furthermore, many small businesses and delivery services utilise bakkies.


South Africa is a very outdoor based country, and there is a huge 4x4, off roading community. The best vehicle for off road adventures is a bakkie. Bakkies in South Africa usually come readily equipped to drive on the most difficult of terrains, and there are many stores that sell great bakkie accessories.


Luckily, new modifications and enhancements in bakkies have made them more affordable to drive with regards to maintenance and fuel consumption.


Because bakkies in South Africa are very popular, it is easy to purchase one. Most car dealerships will have a selection of bakkies to choose from, and there is a large private sale market for bakkies. There are now many affordable bakkies that can be purchased which will suit any pocket or budget. South Africa also has good online communities and resources for the discerning bakkie purchaser, and off road enthusiast. Almost everyone knows someone who has bought a bakkie, and therefore finding information on good brands and reliable dealerships should be easy.